At L & K Machining, our technicians include State Certified toolmakers with 25 years experience in the production of precision parts, fixtures, and gauges to blueprint specifications.

We specialize in prototype and short run jobs.

About us

Honesty, commitment and quality

​​L & K Machining, Inc.​


When you have a serious project that needs to be done, look no further than L & K Machining, Inc., A leader in industrial craftmanship.  We innovate.  We deliver.

L & K Machining Inc. was founded in 1996 by our current CEO, Ronnie Miles.  In the last century, a lot has changed: technology, governments, world economies, and the materials we use in our daily lives.  But one thing remains unchanged, our dedication to doing the best work possible.  We keep an old fashioned attitude about work and that's that it needs to be done when promised.  More and more, that means relying on brilliant engineers and hardworking craftsmen working in tandem.